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Sunday, May 17, 2009

We jus got our science marks!!! Yea!!So far, I think tat Joshua's the highest in the grp.....Sadly, none of the pupils in 6-2 scratched 80 marks......Gd try!

Administrator Raphael

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exam Results

Well, 2day we got our eng exam and math exam results!!! For math,
We have got all As except for 2 Bs.....hoping tat group 5 is the best for the average score between all the groups!! Pray 4 Us!!!
4 English, I think group 5 did okay though our form teacher(Mdm Norimah)said tat the class was not up to The Standard, which was sort of a "wake-up call" for most of us. I feel tat most of the time, we underestimate the exam papers and think tat we're surely gonna ace it but in actual fact, we mite hav jus put our hopes too high. So when we get our results, we crash further down than what we should have tot we were gonna get. Its a pity tat some mite lose marks for carelessness but then again, every mistake is a stepping stone to success. That doesn't mean we HAVE to make mistakes all the time though. We should try our best and avoid s2pid mistakes. Kudos to Mdm.N and the rest of my fellow 6-2ers! Oh, and thnx for taking the few secs to view this blog! ENjoy!! Games are at THE BOTTOM. Songs are at the bottom of the posts, and the chatbox's at the side, REMEMBER stick to the rules and hav fun! Well, I've gotta go! Pray 4 us!! ROCK ON 6-2!!

Admin. Raphael

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Official opening of our blog!!

Well, as we gather here today to witness this memoriable event,
We, group 5, thank you for making the few seconds to come visit our wonderful haven.
And now, a word from our sponsors:
That is all.

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